Job Interview Question; How Would Your First Day Be Like If We Hired You?

Job Interview Question; How Would Your First Day Be Like If We Hired You?

In this article we’re going to be addressing the question, “What would you do on your first day of work”, or “How would the first day of work be for you.” No matter what wording is used to ask this question, the message is the same.

firsdayBefore we start jumping into what and how to respond to this question, let’s think about why you’re being asked this question in the first place. More than likely, your hiring manager asked you this because they want to see if you can visualize a realistic work environment, how insightful you can be into their company culture, and whether you would take the right steps towards your orientation.

  • Would you immediately start solving problems without understanding the root causes?
  • Are the visible problems actually only symptoms?
  • How would you approach your analysis? Would you follow a certain methodology that involves; inputs, outputs, alternatives, criteria selection, etc?

Your approach towards your first day at work is essentially your approach towards how you’ll be a success story at work. Hence, one of the biggest reasons to hire you. So, this is one question where you should avoid blabbering at all costs.

They want to see a proper methodology behind your actions. That’s why they ask this question.


Here are some sample answers for you

If you are in a senior role hired to add significant value to the organization, then when the hiring manager asks you about what your first day be like, say something like this;

3c6c6“I guess I would spend my first day or first week even just merely understanding our priority issues or opportunities to tap into. To do this, I need to first understand our objectives, goals, and then the resources and capabilities at hand.” Once I have these inputs, then it’s an easy game creating the action plan with appropriate resources to meet those goals. If the goals don’t exist, then setting proper, attainable goals would be amongst my first priorities as well”

See, with this answer, I immediately proved that I am not giving any fluff answer. My answer proves that I know what I am talking about and I have a proper methodology to back this up. That’s exactly what the hiring managers are looking for from senior hires.

If you happen to be a junior associate, then your answer would obviously revolve around your ability to learn quickly and adapt to this new learning environment.

Sample answer for that may be like this;

“I believe my priority should be to equip myself with all the knowledge that I need in order to be successful at my job. This will involce the internal company policies, standard operating procedures, the tools and software we use. In addition, I would take the opportunity to introduce myself to the team and start learning from our senior leadership.”

I hope the sample answers above are beneficial to your case.


Let me share with you a bit more pointers;

  •  Show an insight into company culture

This will of course require a little research beforehand, but can pay off big time when done correctly. You want to do this in a subtle way, showing that you’re insightful and have an understanding of what’s socially acceptable in the company.

  • Show your readiness to work with your team

Almost all positions you apply for will involve working with some team or another. Having good teamwork skills is a huge plus for any candidate. By showing that you’re eager to start working with your team, it conveys the message that you are good working with others.

  • Show your readiness to jump in and get to work

No matter what position you are applying for, showing initiative is important. If you’re applying for any type of senior position, it’s likely you’ll be leading a team. Showing that you can deliver right away is something you should be able to do.

  • Talk about the high-level impact you can have on the team

Your hiring manager wants to hear about what you can do for them. You want to highlight the immediate and long term impact that you bring to this position, and the company.

  • Deliver a well-rounded understanding of the position, and the projects it entails

Showing that you have a decent knowledge of what’s going to happen is how you show that you have reasonable expectations of the day to day operations of your position.

  • Show an honest drive to learn, and grow into this new role

When crafting your response, you want to make it clear that you’re a very self motivated learner. Training new employees is not only time consuming for a company, but it’s expensive. Your hiring manager is looking for someone who is taking this seriously, and this is a great way to demonstrate that you possess that quality.

Now that you have a good idea of what to say during this question, there’s only one thing left to do. Now, if you’ve ever read any of my other articles, you already know the answer to this. Yes, that’s right, it’s practice!

Oh, one last thing; after your interview DO NOT forget to send out your thank you email. There are staggering statistics about people not getting hired because they simply forgot to send a thank you letter. Keep this in mind. Here is a good video about that;


Your thank you email should be precise, accurate and be very polite. Please be mindful of the language you use.

What you learned today applies to a lot of interviews. Most employees today have very similar job interview questions, be it about your first day, your weaknesses, or tell me about yourself. Once you master the general interview questions, then you will be able to answer 90% of all questions asked. There are however a few companies that have significantly different interview questions than the general ones. Some examples I can think of are Google, Apple, and Uber.

Alright, that’s it for today. I hope you benefited from my article. If you are struggling to perform well in the interviews and need a 1 on 1 coaching session with me, please get in touch at with your resume and I will get back to you as soon as I can.