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Job Interview Series: Tell Me About Yourself Job Interview Question

Tell Me About Yourself Job Interview Question

I think we all know someone who’s done this…

They come unprepared to the interview, and only have themselves to blame when they fall flat. But don’t worry, you’re already on your way to interview success. Just by taking the time to read this article, you’re setting yourself up to be one step ahead of the competition.

This guide contains helpful tips and tricks, as well as a complete look at how to answer that vague interview question of tell me about yourself. I have done my best to create an eye opening guide that will improve your chances of landing that dream job of yours.

So are you ready?

If you haven’t interviewed for a position in a long time, it can be a daunting task. But with this guide in hand, you have nothing to worry about. Before we get into what you should do, let me tell you what you SHOULDN’T DO first.

  • To start with, do not just regurgitate what’s on your resume. Your hiring manager has already seen it, and likely has a copy of it in front of them.tell me about yourself job interview question
  • Make sure you stay on task, and don’t share your life story. The interviewer doesn’t care what happened to you years ago. Make sure you are staying on topic.
  • Body language goes a long way. Make sure you are not slumping back in your chair. Sit straight up, and have good posture.

When you’re well prepared for this question, it can be one of the easiest to knock out of the park. And since this is usually one of the first questions you will be asked, it only goes to help you start out with making a killer first impression.

Now let’s try to get inside the mind of a hiring manager. Do you know the real reasons behind hiring managers asking this question? There are usually two reasons for this. They want to see  how well you can answer a question you might not be prepared for (this is where you already have a step above the competition!), and they want to see what you consider important in your background. However, these  aren’t the only reasons you’ll get asked this question. Ultimately, this gives them a first hand glimpse at your presentation skills.

Think about it. At this stage in the process, they’ve already seen your cover letter, resume, and know a good amount about you, why would they want to go over your background again? It’s because the perfect candidate not only has the skills and experience to succeed, but is also highly presentable.

Here’s a list of key attributes to focus on:tell me about yourself job interview question

  • Can you speak impressively, without stuttering?
  • Are you getting nervous, or fidgeting a lot?
  • Are you able to impress the other person when you speak?
  • Do you have a solid command of the English language?

These are all things that will be looked for and taken into account. And yes, even accountants have to present sometimes!

Let’s now get to the good bits. Here is a very detailed and rather too long article on tell me about yourself job interview question.

And here is my brief that is to the point;

There are 3 stages to a perfect tell me about yourself answer

Stage 1: What is your current experience?

During this time, you should be talking about what types of projects you worked on, what your responsibilities were, and anything else that is relevant to the new job you are applying for. Be careful about over sharing, you don’t want to spend a long time here.

Stage 2: What was your previous experiences?

This is another area where it’s very easy to start going down the wrong path. Keep this area short and brief. Make sure you only highlight past experience if it’s truly something notable. Remember, your hiring manager has already seen your resume, and likely has it in front of them.

Stage 3: What do you want from your future?

This should be the most straightforward part. Keep it short and sweet. And whatever you do, do not say that you see yourselves in their shoes in X amount of time. An interview is not the time to be cheeky.


So, this can be considered a good answer;

tell me about yourself job interview questionI have been working with P&G for the past 5 years as a business intelligence analyst. During this time, I was incredibly fortunate to have grown in my position and received multiple promotions. This allowed me to have a more cohesive understanding of our business model and how to create an edge for our team and P&G’s position in the market. Prior to this role, I had the opportunity to work for Nike where I served as a marketing analyst in their bottling department in Chicago. This is where I learned the fundamentals of marketing and how segmentation plays a key role in marketing strategy development. I graduated from University of Chicago with a degree in Marketing and hold multiple professional certifications related to business analysis and marketing. Moving forward, I am absolutely looking forward to bringing my analytical skills to the table and add value to XXX company. 


As you see, this is fairly straight forward and a very neat answer. I suggest you do the same. Create a speech like this in written form. Then, practice that speech in front of family and friends until you get it perfect.

If you don’t get it perfect in your practice sessions, you will not be able to pull it off in the interview. This is very important.

If you fancy SlideShare, here is what I found;



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